Tax Preparation Services

                                                                                   Calculating you income taxes can be one of the most complicated things that you need to do as a business owner. We work with our client to minimize their tax bill and audit-proof their accounting records for Revenue Canada. We  are trained not to ignore even the smallest deduction. Often times there is more than one method of preparing a tax return or taking certain deductions, we are committed to evaluating each method and selecting the most beneficial one for our clients.

               We prepare T1 Personal tax returns for individuals, self-employed, commissioned salespersons, sole proprietors or business partnership. We also prepare T2 Corporate tax returns. Our believe is that comprehensive and timely tax planning is the key to lower taxes for both individuals and business entities.

We regularly attend tax seminars on a regular basis to learn about changes in the tax laws. Also, we subscribe to a comprehensive tax research library with access to Revenue Canada interpretation bulletins, tax rulings and case history from the Tax Court of Canada. These tools are imperative in keeping up to date with the complexity and every changing tax rules.

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